Why Choose Tiger?

Tiger Technology Solutions Inc. is a national IT organization that sells and provides maintenance for a vast array of hardware including but not limited to servers, desktops, storage, blades and networking devices. We strive to be an extension of your team with personal service to your clients around the U.S. and many countries.

We specialize in Server Warranty Support for all OEM and many other hardware and network equipment from manufacturers such as Quantum, Sun, Foundry, EMC and Cisco.

Single Point of Contact

With Tiger Technology Solutions Inc. your company's IT personnel teams and partners with our U.S.-based engineers to troubleshoot your systems and identify repair solutions. We strive to assign the same dedicated Technical Account Manager and engineers for service repairs to ensure reliable and consistent results.

Tailored Service Contracts

Do you have hundreds of miscellaneous hardware located all over the United States? Tired of the expense and time spent flying valuable resources around the country? We tailor the service contract to cover some or all of your assets regardless of the location and where your IT team is located. Let us alleviate the expense and headaches of managing projects, problems and failures at all your remote locations.

Competitive Pricing

With more than 20 years of experience, Tiger Technology Solutions, Inc. is committed to each aspect and every detail of the problem resolution process. Your company benefits from that expertise through our competitive and flexible pricing. We have the ability to service both legacy and new equipment from numerous manufacturers, all through one single point of contact.