Dell Warranty Support

Tiger offers Dell Warranty Support unlike your typical standard warranty

We provide a Dell server, Dell blade, Dell storage and Dell desktop warranty solution that fits your budget and demands. At some point you have to retire your older equipment, but only Tiger lets you move any unused credit from one server over to another. In addition we pro-rate any existing coverage so you only pay for those months of coverage up to the contract expiration date decided by you.

Do you have multiple manufacturers with multiple models and just need parts? Ask about our emergency hand delivery depot service providing critical parts for your environment anywhere in the U.S. 24x7 within 2-4 hours.

We team up with your staff to become your single point of contact for everything. This eliminates the headaches that follow when multiple people are involved with your service call. We respond within minutes and are able to provide real time tracking day or night.

Lookup your Dell server warranty status with Dell Warranty Check or have Tiger perform an Inventory Assessment.

Dell Warranty Support

Single Point of Contact

With TIGER, your company's IT personnel teams and partners with our U.S.-based engineers to troubleshoot your systems and identify repair solutions...

Tailored Service Contracts

We tailor the service contract to cover some or all of your assets regardless of the location and where your IT team is located...

Competitive Pricing

TIGER is committed to each aspect and every detail of the problem resolution process. Your company benefits from that expertise through our competitive and flexible pricing...