Case Study – National Server Support

Case Study – National Server Support

National Shopping Center Group Server Warranty Support

Our client has interests in and operates one of the world’s largest shopping center portfolios. The global portfolio has 124 high quality regional shopping centers in Australia, New Zealand, the United States, the United Kingdom and Brazil valued in excess of $59 billion, with approximately 25,000 retailers in more than 10.5 million square meters of retail space.

They are a vertically integrated shopping center group. It manages all aspects of shopping center development, from design and construction through to leasing, management and marketing. The Group creates value through intensive management at an operational level and a strategic development program which continually improves the quality of the portfolio to generate income and capital growth for investors.

The Group and TIGER share a common goal: To provide world class service every day to our customers without compromise. TIGER partners with the Group to keep all US locations up and running including many International airports that demand security clearance and a critical response. In the past the manufacturer was deemed too slow, unreliable and it would generally take 3-4 days to resolve an issue. To dispatch one of their employees to a remote site was taking away a valuable team member to complete time sensitive projects, a distraction and economically not a viable option. Today, one call to TIGER is all it takes. For example, when a server goes down at JFK airport, TIGER dispatches an engineer familiar with JFK security and has clearance to go quickly to the site and resolve the issue. All the prior difficulties, expense, and delays that the Group used to go through are eliminated. Furthermore as the Group IT staff evolves over the years and employees move on, one constant remains – TIGER.

TIGER has been providing Server Warranty Support for this client for over 17 years.

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